The Business Conditions Survey was first mounted in the second quarter of 1987 to provide input for the Institute's economic forecasting activity. It is conducted on a quarterly basis to assist in assessing the short-term outlook for the economy. The survey findings are used to supplement the availability of quantitative information from conventional sources. A Business Conditions Index is constructed from the survey results which gives advance information that permits inferences to be drawn regarding emerging economic trends.

The survey covers a sample of over 350 manufacturing businesses incorporated locally and foreign manufacturing concerns operating in Malaysia, covering 11 industries. Questions posed in the survey questionnaire are on key determinants such as production level, new order bookings, sales performances, inventory build-up and new job openings. Reports of the survey findings are published two weeks after the end of each quarter.

bci 3rd Quarter 08


  • Signs of contraction as BCI sinks below 100-point threshold
  • Lower sales, production, new local and foreign orders
  • Lower expected production and expected foreign sales
  • Capacity utilization lower, inventories higher

bci 2nd Quarter 08


  • BCI sheds 5.8 points, but stays above water
  • Lower sales, production, and capital spending
  • Lower expected production and expected export sales
  • Capacity utilisation unchanged, inventories higher

bci 1st Quarter 08


  • BCI rebounds 14.3 points
  • Sales and production significantly up
  • Higher expected production and expected export sales
  • Capacity utilization marginally up, domestic orders, capital investment and export orders stable