The Survey of Consumer Sentiments, initiated in January 1987, is a series of surveys conducted quarterly on a sample of over 1200 households in Peninsular Malaysia to gauge consumer spending trends and sentiments. Consumer behaviour reflects income level and general economic conditions. Together with the business conditions survey, findings of this survey relating to consumer spending are incorporated into MIER's short-term economic outlook report.

Repondents are asked about perceptions on their household's current and expected financial positions and their employment outlook. The survey also seeks to uncover general economic conditions such as inflation as seen from the consumers' perspective. Questions relating to their plans to buy houses, new or used cars and other major consumer durable are also asked. A quarterly Index of Consumer Sentiments is generated from the survey.

csi 3rd Quarter 2008


  • CSI plummets 28.6 points year-on-year
  • Less bounce in current incomes
  • Job and financial outlook moderate
  • Inflationary jitters ebbing somewhat
  • Consumer spending to be more prudent

csi 2nd Quarter 2008


  • CSI plunges to all-time low of 70.5 points
  • Current and expected incomes sag
  • Job outlook a big worry
  • Inflationary bug overcoming consumers
  • Selective shopping plans in coming months

csi 1st Quarter 2008


  • CSI remains above threshold despite 13.4 points down y-o-y
  • Less bounce in current and expected incomes
  • Employment expectations moderate
  • Less jitters over inflation
  • Consumers to go easy on shopping plans