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1Q2021 Confidence Lacking Amid Improving Sentiments

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Confidence Lacking Amid Improving Sentiments

CEOs kicked off 2021 in better mood, but remained in trepidation, as indicated by the latest Vistage-MIER CEO Confidence Index (CCI) which rose 11.7 points on the quarter to 77. Having persistently stayed below the 100-point optimism threshold shows a continuing lack of optimism amongst CEOs as they continue to cast caution on the economy and prospects of their firms moving forward. Renewed movement controls imposed by the government from early January to 4 March 2021 and a state of emergency that was announced as part of wider efforts to curb infections of the Covid-19 are likely weighing on CEOs’ sentiments this time around.

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1Q2021 Vistage MIER CEO Confidence Index Report