MIER is launching a series of talks open to economists and laymen entitled MIER Conversation Series This would be held every second Friday night at 8 pm in the new MIER Club House. The purpose of this MIER Conversations is to bring together experts and practioners to articate their views through this public engagement on economic issues and other related topics of national importance and concerns of the day. A trial run of this new MIER series will be held on Friday night 9th August 2019 at 8 pm. Members of the public are welcome. The topic for the night is: MIER Conversations with Dr Shankaran Nambiar, Senior Research Fellow, MIER On ‘Malaysia on the Brink of Economic Transformation” Time: 8 pm 9 August 2019 Venue: MIER Club House JKR 606 Jalan Bukit Petaling, 50460 Kuala Lumpur

Business Conditions Index

Sentiments Slip A Tad

  • BCI drop slightly to 94.2 points
  • Sales deteriorate
  • Production increase marginally
  • Modest rebound in external orders
  • Expected production inched-up slightly
  • Expected export sales decline

Consumer Sentiments Index

Sentiments Improve Cautiously

  • CSI up 7.4 points q-o-q but remains below optimism threshold
  • Current finances improve
  • Employment outlook lifts income expectations
  • Apprehension over rising prices grows
  • Shopping plans to proceed caustiously

Malaysian Economic Outlook

The Malaysian economy is estimated to grow by 4.7% in 2018 pending the fourth quarter results. There are more data available pointing towards a moderation in growth for this year as we have projected earlier. The global economy continues to grow at a moderate pace amid a brittle demand and lessened trade flows. There are growing risks to the global growth tilted to the downside, predominantly due to factors related to trade policy uncertainty and weakening financial market sentiments. There are still lingering uncertainty in trade directions when the ceasefire on the US-China trade war ends on the 1st March 2019. The mounting trade tensions together with other emerging concerns, including slower growth than expected in emerging market economies and the US government shutdown, are causing instability in the financial market.

Newspaper Articles

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Role of Technology in Competitive Market Environment
24 December 2018 - Samirul Ariff
The Edge
Maintaining our Economic Sovereignty
22 October 2018 - Samirul Ariff
The Edge
Adakah Malaysia Mengalami Penyahindustrian Pramatang?
9 Ogos 2018 - Dr Zulkipy Omar
Berita Harian
Is Globalisation a new form of Colonisation?
2 July 2018 - Samirul Ariff
The Edge
Understanding the Costs of Production and Doing Business
19 April 2018 - Samirul Ariff
The Edge
Inflasi Bukan Teras Mendominasi Kadar Inflasi 2017
20 Februari 2018 - Dr Zulkipy Omar
Berita Harian
Dasar Perlindungan dan Risiko Menurun Pertumbuhan Ekonomi
30 January 2018 - Dr Zulkipy Omar
Berita Harian
Bioekonomi Penjana Pertumbuhan Ekonomi
23 January 2018 - Dr Zulkipy Omar
Berita Harian
Peningkatan Nilai Ringgit
16 January 2018 - Dr Zulkipy Omar
Berita Harian

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MIER Presentations

Presentations are in pdf format and are available for download.

Press Conference on MIER 34th National Economic Briefing 2019

Press Conference on MIER 34th National Economic Briefing 2019
Tan Sri Dr Kamal Salih

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