Conferences/Economic Seminar Presentations

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National Economic Briefing: 14 July 2011

Twenty-Sixth National Economic Briefing
Dr Zakariah Abdul Rashid
Automotive Industry, Residential Property, Retail Trade and Tourism Market Perspectives
Quah Boon Huat
Impacts of the Ongoing European's Crisis on Malaysia
Dr K.K. Fong
Special Topic (I)
Dr Khalid Abdul Hamid

Corporate Economic Briefing: 17 April 2012

17th Corporate Economic Briefing
Dr Zakariah Abdul Rashid
Special Topic (I)
Dr Zakariah Abdul Rashid and Dr Khalid Abdul Hamid

National Economic Outlook Conference 2012-2013

World Economic Outlook
Dr Ravi Balakrishnan
Asian Economic Outlook
Dr Joseph Ernest Zveglich, Jr.
Malaysian Economic Outlook
Dr Zakariah Abdul Rashid
Macroeconomics and Structural Adjustment
Dr Ahmad Fauzi Puasa
Trade Strategies for Malaysia under Increasing Uncertainty
Professor Dr Tham Siew Yean
Sovereign Debt Crisis focusing on the European Debt Crisis and Implications for Asian Debt Management including Japan Debt's Problems
Dr Masahiro Kawai and Dr Jae-Ha Park
Price and Inflation in Malaysia
Dr Yeah Kim Leng
Energy Prices Increase and Food Industry in East Asia with Special Reference to Malaysian Experience
Dr Khalid Abdul Hamid
Uncertainty and Fiscal Policy
Dr M Sohrab Rafiq
Education and Human Capital
Professor Dato' Dr Hussein Haji Ahmad
Unleashing Productivity-Led Growth Towards High Income Economy
Encik Abdul Latif bin Hj Abu Seman
Minimum Wage Policy with Special Reference to Malaysia
Dr Zulkifly Osman and Dr Khalid Abdul Hamid
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