Conferences/Economic Seminar Presentations

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National Economic Briefing: 14 July 2011

Twenty-Sixth National Economic Briefing
Dr Zakariah Abdul Rashid
Automotive Industry, Residential Property, Retail Trade and Tourism Market Perspectives
Quah Boon Huat
Impacts of the Ongoing European's Crisis on Malaysia
Dr K.K. Fong
Special Topic (I)
Dr Khalid Abdul Hamid

Corporate Economic Briefing: 14 April 2011

Sixteenth Corporate Economic Briefing
Dr Zakariah Abdul Rashid

National Economic Outlook Conference 2011-2012

The Global Economy and its Implications for Malaysia
Dr Chad Steinberg
Asian Economic Outlook
Dr Joseph Ernest Zveglich, Jr.
Malaysian Economic Outlook
Dr Zakariah Abdul Rashid
Inclusiveness: A Fairer Way to Share the Economic Pie?
Professor Dr Ragayah Hj Mat Zin
Economic and Environment Sustainability
Professor Dr Jamal Othman
Quality of Life
Encik Nik Azman Nik Abdul Majid
Role of Private Consumption and Investment
Professor Dr Ahmad Zubaidi Baharumshah
Towards Developed Country Status: Unraveling the Gordian Knot of Inflated Subsidies, Faltering Revenues and Persistent Budget Deficits in Malaysia
Professor Dr Suresh Narayanan
Structural Decomposition of Malaysian Economic Growth
Dr Zakariah Rashid, Dr Hj Ahmad Fauzi Hj Puasa and Dr Shankaran Nambiar

Brown Bag Seminar: 1 September 2010

Repositioning the Malaysian Economy as the Niche Intellectual Capital Services
Encik Zaid Hamzah
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