Development Efforts in the Lao Economy : Policy Pointers from the Malaysian Experience

Summary: Development Efforts in the Lao Economy: Policy Point form the Malaysian Experience

This book focused on the Malaysian experience, looking for possible lessons that Laos would find useful in their quest for development. The main premise of this book is that there may well be some policy pointers arising from the development experience of Malaysia, which had quite successfully treaded the path long before Laos, that the latter may find useful and relevant in its own agenda for economic development. Despite the vast development divide that exists between Laos and Malaysia, interestingly there are some similarities between the two. In a sense, both countries are in a state of transition, with Laos moving from centrally planning to a market economy that is primarily agricultural turning towards manufacturing, while Malaysia is striving to move from a production-base economy (p-economy) to knowledge-based one (k-economy).

Author: Souphanh Keomixay and Mohamed Ariff

Price: RM 25.00

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