Economic Openness, Volatility & Resilience : Malaysia Perspectives


Economic Openness, Volatility & Resilience : Malaysian Perspectives

The Malaysian economy has been shape by its openness to the rest of the world. The importance of the external sector to the Malaysian economy can hardly be exaggerated. Economic openness has created much economic space far beyond its domestic domain. The Malaysian economy could not have prospered, had it relied only on its own market, which is small in terms of both population and purchasing power. Foreign trade has enabled the Malaysian economy to gain access to the lucrative overseas markets and to source its imports at competitive prices, while foreign direct investment has brought in not only foreign capita, but also new technology, new products and new processes. Simply put, the Malaysian economy could not made the quantum leap, had it not been for its strong outward-looking posture.

This book contains articles on the Malaysian economy since 1993. As the story this book presents revolves mainly around economic ups and downs, a compilation of media articles which began to appear only in the early nineties would miss major movements that took place in the seventies and eighties.

Author: Mohamed Ariff

Price: RM50.00 (Hardback),RM35.00 (Paperback)

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