For A Greener Future

For A Greener Future, Ecological Aspects:  The Public and the Business Perspectives


For A Greener Future: Ecological Aspects: The Public and the Business Perspectives

This book is intended to contribute to the discussion with the aim of providing information that goes beyond the heated exchange of punches in a political debate. At the same time to put a special emphasis on the link between economy and environment.

Its aim is to make available to experts and the interested public, some of the facts that matter in this respect. People who have no experience or contact with industry often have difficulties imagining the complexity of pertinent processes and how well-thought and detailed industry and company related policies must be: not only the environment is to be protected, but also the pertinent business must survive as well. How thorough and at the same time unglamorous serious environmental practice is, can be understood from the contributions by practical men from various industries in this book.

Author: Robert Haas and Chan Huan Chiang

Price: Malaysia and Singapore RM20.00, Other countries US$10.00

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