Health Care Planning and Development, Conference Proceedings


Health Care Planning & Development

With rapid economic growth, Malaysia has simultaneously achieved significant progress in the health status of the country, in accordance with the nation’s objective to attain “Health For All”. This is reflected in the improvements in the various health and health-related indicators of the country. Nevertheless, due to various changes, the health sector is confronted with numerous urgent issues that need to be addressed by the policy-makers, in particular as the plan for the Seventh Malaysia Plan. Thus, a Conference on Health Care Planning and Development : Agenda for the Seventh Malaysia Plan was held to discuss several pertinent challenges that are currently facing the health sector.

This book contains revised versions of the papers that were presented at the conference. The papers review the health scenarios and the projected needs for health care, modeling and reforms of the Malaysian health care system, issues and perspectives in health care financing, lessons garnered from the experiences of other countries, as well as manpower, technology and service issues in the health sector. The findings in the papers serve to deepen the understanding of the needs of the health sector besides providing useful insights for policy formulation.

Author: Robert Haas, Sulaiman Mahbob and Tham Siew Yean

Price: RM25.00, Other countries US$15.00

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