MALAYSIAN ECONOMY Economic Transformation Programme : Next Economic Experience


Malaysian Economy: Economic Transformation Programme: Next Economic Experience

This book is divided into four clusters. Cluster 1: Macroeconomic and Trade. Traces the experience of the Malaysian economy moving form one, which is heavily based on income from natural resources to now successfully diversified first into manufacturing and then into services sectors. The cluster also examines the country’s economic input structure and compares it with those of high-income countries. In addition at the energy prices and wages in relation to trade. Cluster II: Public Policy and Macroeconomics. Focuses on some discussion of the National Key Economic Areas, the New Framework for Malaysia’s Economic Development, subsidy liberalization and education. Cluster III: Distribution and Human Capital. Cluster IV: Sectoral Development.

Edited by Sulaiman Mahbob, Zakariah Abdul Rashid and Ahmad Fauzi Puasa

Price: RM80.00 (Hardback), RM60.00 (Paperback)

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