Workshop Proceedings on Malaysia's Public Sector in the Twenty-first Century: Planning for 2020 and Beyond


Malaysia’s Public Sector in the: Twenty-First Century : Planning for 2020 and Beyond

The completion of Malaysia’s transition from a developing to a developed economy will require some major changes in the role of the public sector in economic life. A modern, industrialized economy places stresses on traditional organizations for the provision of basic social security. Demands on public infrastructure will grow, and means for meeting these demands will change. A larger and more open economy will make concerns about monopoly less important, resulting in less need for state ownership and control, and a rethinking of the reasons for and means of regulating economic activity and ensuring competition. As income rise, people will demand not only more private goods, but also more and better services which traditionally have been provided at least in part by the public sector.

This book contains revised versions of the papers that were presented at the workshop. Papers presented were organized in four sub-themes: (i) Redistribution, social insurance and social goods. (ii) International and environmental dimensions. (iii) Provision of goods and services in the role of the public and private sectors. (iv) Issues in fiscal decentralization.

Author: Sulaiman Mahbob, Frank Flatters, Robin Boadway, Sam Wilson and Elayne Yee Siew Lin

Price: Malaysia and Singapore RM25.00, Other countries US$15.00

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