Models of the Malaysian Economy  : A Survey


Models of the Malaysian Economy: A Survey

A recurring treatise in modern economics is the integration of theoretical macroeconomics. Along this train of thought, this book attempts to trace the development of econometric models in Malaysia since the sixties, evaluate the specifications, and the various methods of estimation used and validate the models by analyzing its simulation results and properties. Attempts were made to relate the various approaches to modelling to important topics in Keynesian and monetarist economics. Thus, theory, methodology, data analysis and the extensive use of quantitative analysis are applied to the Malaysian economic experience with the objective of providing the reader with an idea of the relationship and linkages between the various sectors of the economy in the Malaysian context. It is also the aim of this book that it could be used as a reference on Malaysian economic models by economic planners, macroeconomists, corporate planners and the public.

Author: Hideki Imaoka, Muthi Semudram, Sahathavan and Kevin Chew

Price: RM25.00

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