The Challenge of Re-Engineering Social Policy : Conference Proceedings


The Challenge of Re-Engineering Social Policy

The formulation and implementation of a National Social Policy is urgently required to provide a comprehensive social policy framework for the betterment of all Malaysians and for the creation of a more egalitarian society. Indepth studies are required in order to design this policy and examples of social security scheme implemented in other parts of the world should be looked into for adoption where appropriate. It is heartening to note that the Malaysian government is moving in the right direction towards the formulation of the National Social Policy. Discussion and deliberation on the issue of re-engineering social policy in Malaysia are earmarked to arrive at an agreed resolution to improve the existing social safetynet measures with wider coverage. Social safetynet measures practised in other countries throughout the world can be used as benchmarks by Malaysia. It must be note that the provision of sufficient saftynet provisions would significantly increase the confidence level and propel all Malaysians towards the developed-country status as envisaged by the National Vision Policy (NVP).

Edited by Rainer Heufers and Mohamed Ariff

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