Conference Papers 1987-1999

1 1987 MIER National Outlook Conference 23-24 November 1987 RM80.00 per set
a) World Economic Outlook : Impact of the Global Financial Crisis / WEFA Group RM10.00
b) National Economic Forecasts, 1988-1989 / MIER RM80.00
c) Structural Adjustment and Fiscal Policy: The Reflation Debate / Abu Bakar Karim RM10.00
d) Privatisation: Can It Contribute to a Sustainable Recovery / Ismail Muhd Salleh RM10.00
e) The Commodities Outlook : Analysis Based on the MIER Agriculture Model / Mohd Haflah Piei and Mohammad Alias RM10.00
f) Capital Market Development: Prospects for Long-term Private Investment / Darwis Mohd Daek RM10.00
g) Promotion of the Malaysian Capital Market: Problems and Prospects / Ho Ting Seng RM10.00
h) Business and Industry Outlook / MIER RM10.00
2 1988 MIER National Outlook Conference 29-30 November 1988 RM110.00 per set
a) World Economic Outlook, 1989-1990 / Roger Bird RM10.00
b) National Economic Outlook, 1989-1990 / MIER Forecasting Group RM80.00
c) Trade Policy and Prospects / Mohd Haflah Piei RM10.00
d) After the Budget: Business and Investment Outlook / Kamal Salih RM10.00
e) Economic Recovery and Employment Growth: Why is Unemployment so Persistent? / Kamal Salih and Mei Ling Young RM10.00
f) Financial Outlook: Implications of Capital Market Deepening / Ho Ting Seng RM10.00
g) Global Restructuring and the Future Outlook of the Asia Pacific Economy / Fu-chen Lo RM10.00
h) East Asian Economic Adjustment and the Malaysian Long-term Outlook : What can Malaysia Learn from the Asian NICS? / Richard Buczynski RM10.00
i) Industrial Restructuring: Beyond the Industrial Master Plan / Anuwar Ali RM10.00
j) Revitalisation of Agriculture: The Basis of Industrial Growth and Restructuring / Chamhuri Siwar RM10.00
k) Small- and Medium-scale Industrialisation Strategies: Problems and Prospects / Ismail Muhd Salleh RM10.00
3 1989 MIER National Outlook Conference 29-30 November 1989 RM80.00 per set
a) World Economic Outlook: Can Japan Compensate for a US Economic Slowdown? / Michael Papaioannou RM10.00
b) National Economic Outlook, 1990-1991 / MIER Forecasting Group RM80.00
c) Investment Outlook: Will Investment-led Growth Persist? / Kamal Salih and Yeong Yu Ching RM10.00
d) Primary Commodities: Issues and Prospects / Mohamed Yusof RM10.00
e) Inflation: Heading for Trouble? / Ho Ting Seng RM10.00
f) Human Resource Outlook in the 1990s / Zainal Aznam Yusof RM10.00
g) Future of the Plantation Sector/ Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman RM10.00
h) Public Finances in the 1990s / Ismail Muhd Salleh RM10.00
4 ASEAN Conference on Higher Education, Labour Market Adjustment and Development 11-13 December 1989 RM130.00 per set
a) Structural Adjustment and Educational Reforms: Impact of Regional and Global Restructuring / Kamal Salih RM10.00
b) The Impact of Regional and International Division of Labour and Aspects of ASEAN-EC Cooperation in Human Resource Development / Rashid Amjad RM80.00
c) The Educational System and Labour Market in Germany: What Can the Labour Market Expect and What Should the Educational System Deliver? / Fritz Schaumann RM10.00
d) Markets for Trained Manpower: Links Between Education and the Labour Market / Soon Teck Wong RM10.00
e) Deregulating Higher Education / Edita A Tan RM10.00
f) Educational Policies for the 21st Century in Southeast Asian Developing Countries / K J Ratnam RM10.00
g) Graduate Unemployment in Malaysia / Mei Ling Young and Kamal Salih RM10.00
h) Higher Education and Graduate Employment in Brunei Darussalam / Abdul Razak Mohammad RM10.00
i) Structural Change and Higher Educated Labour in Indonesia / N Haidy A Pasay RM80.00
j) The Impact of Regional and International Division of Labour and Aspects of ASEAN-EC Cooperation in Human Resource Development / Zainal Aznam Yusof RM10.00
k) Philippines Higher Education, Labour Market Adjustment and Development / Adrian A Arcelo RM10.00
l) The Graduate Labour Market in Singapore / Pang Eng Fong RM10.00
m) Education Management Responsive to Economic Changes / Phayap Phyormyont RM10.00
5 1990 MIER National Outlook Conference 5-6 December 1990 RM130.00 per set
a) World Economic Outlook: Impact of the Gulf Crisis / Richard Buczynski RM10.00
b) ASEAN Economies: Will It be the Fastest Growing Region of Asia in the 1990s? / John Wong RM10.00
c) National Economic Outlook, 1991-92 / MIER Forecasting Group RM10.00
d) Trade and Commodities Outlook / Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman and Mohammad Alias RM10.00
e) GATT and its Implications for Malaysia's Trade in Services / Martin Khor RM10.00
f) Employment, Labour Market and Wages: Have We Reached Full Employment or Not? / Kamal Salih and Mei Ling Young RM10.00
g) Prospects for Skills, Education and Technology Development / Anuwar Ali RM10.00
h) Malaysian Long-term Outlook, 1991-2000 (First Revision): Growth in the Post-NEP Era / Kamal Salih, Ho Ting Seng, Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman, Chu Chin Pen, Kevin Chew Chuan Poh and Richard Buczynski RM10.00
i) Malaysia's Industrialisation: What Next? / Christopher Edwards RM80.00
j) Industry Outlook: Will the Investment Boom Continue? / Ho Ting Seng and Yeong Yu Ching RM10.00
k) The Environment: Pressures of High Growth / Chan Huan Chiang RM10.00
l) Malaysia in the Global Economy: Introduction to the Issues and Challenges / Douglas Purvis and Frank Flatters RM10.00
m) Malaysian Long-range Outlook, 1990-2000: Prospects for Doubling the National Per Capita Income / Kamal Salih, Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman, Chua Chin Pen, Kevin Chew, Chuan Poh and Richard Buczynski RM10.00
6 National Seminar on Agricultural Primary Commodities: An Agenda for Structural Adjustment 3-4 June 1991 RM100.00 per set
a) Whither the Malaysian Agricultural Primary Commodities / Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman RM10.00
b) Policy Directions for Agricultural Primary Commodities / Ministry of Primary Industries RM10.00
c) Strategic Issues in the Plantation Industry / Kamal Salih RM10.00
d) Future of Plantation Financial Stocks / Abdullah Sepian RM10.00
e) Resource-based Industrialisation: The Saviour of the Agricultural Primary Sector? / Anuwar Ali RM10.00
f) The Marketing of Agricultural Primary Commodities: The Need for a New Approach / Fatimah Arshad, Mohd Shahwahid Othman, Mad Nasir Shamsuddin and Zulkifli Senteri RM10.00
g) Agriculture in Transition: Some Development Issues Pertaining to the Smallholder Sector / Mokhtar Tamin RM10.00
h) Labour Issues in the Plantation Sector / James Nayagam RM10.00
i) Global Outlook for Agricultural Primary Commodities / CRonald C. Duncan RM10.00
j) Social Development Issues in Primary Commodity Production in Malaysia / Halim Salleh RM10.00
7 1991 MIER National Outlook Conference 3-4 December 1991 RM140.00 per set
a) World Economic Outlook / Richard Buczynski RM10.00
b) Asian Economic Outlook / Sanjoy Chowdhury RM10.00
c) National Economic Outlook / MIER Forecasting Group RM10.00
d) Malaysia's Balance of Payments: What is the Problem? How Serious is It? / Robin Boadway and Frank Flatters RM10.00
e) Complementarities and Competitiveness in Regional Trade / Chan Huan Chiang, Muthi Samudram, Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman and Chua Chin Pen RM10.00
f) Services in Malaysia: On the Threshold of a New Era / Sieh Lee Mei Ling RM10.00
g) Skills Gap: What Sectors and How to Overcome it? / Kamal Salih, Mei Ling Young and Ng Suew Kia RM10.00
h) Ten-year Projection, 1991-2000: Can OPP2 Targets be Met and How? / MIER Forecasting Group RM10.00
i) Malaysian Very Long-term Projection, 1991-2020: Tunnelling from Both Ends / MIER Forecasting Group RM10.00
j) New Technologies and Global Competition : Opportunities and Entry Barriers for Newly Industrialising Economies / David C O'Connor RM10.00
k) New Industries for the Future / N Danaraj RM10.00
l) Machinery and Metalworking / C S Sharma RM10.00
m) Electronics and Information Industry / P Y Lai RM10.00
n) Wood-based Industry / Jimmy Seah RM10.00
8 Conference on Educational Restructuring and Economic Growth: Role of the Private Sector 3-4 November 1992 RM30.00 per set
a) Education and Skills Development: Fundamental Issues and Policy Directions / Awang Had Salleh RM10.00
b) The Role of Private Education in Malaysia / Yahya Ibrahim RM10.00
c) The Education System and Private Educational Institutions in Japan / Hiroki Taura RM10.00
9 1992 MIER National Outlook Conference 8-9 Decenber 1992 RM130.00 per set
a) World Economic Outlook: Will NAFTA and European Integration Make a Difference / Richard Buczynski RM10.00
b) National Economic Outlook, 1993-1994 / MIER Forecasting Group RM10.00
c) Supply-side Constraints: Implications for Growth and International Competitiveness / Gan Wee Beng, Lum San Ling and Edward Robinson RM10.00
d) International Economic Implications of the EC92 Initiative : An ASEAN Perspective / Peter Pauly RM10.00
e) After NAFTA: Implications for ASEAN/AFTA / Frank Flatters RM10.00
f) East Asian Economic Integration: A Basis for EAEC / Fu-chen Lo RM10.00
g) AFTA: Problems and Prospects / Mohamed Ariff RM10.00
h) Malaysia 2020: Labour and Capital Requirements of High Speed Growth / MIER Forecasting Group RM10.00
i) Malaysia-Japan Trade Interdependence: Implications for Long-term Growth / Pang Teck Wai and Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman RM10.00
j) World Capital and Direct Foreign Investment in Malaysia: What's the Outlook? / Kamal Salih, Ho Ting Seng and Chua Chin Pen RM10.00
k) Light at the End of the Tunnel: The Future of Sustainable Development in Malaysia / Chan Huan Chiang RM10.00
l) Globalisation of Japanese and Korean Firms: Implications for the Other Asian Countries / Cho Dong-Sung RM10.00
m) Industrial Niches for Malaysia / N Danaraj, Paramjit Singh, Sarimah Morshidi and Chan Kok Thim RM10.00
10 First Malaysian Econometric Conference 6-7 April 1993 RM180.00 per set
a) Structure and Composition of Capital Formation in Malaysia : An Econometric Study / M G Kanbur, Solehah Abdul Hamid and Siti Alida John Abdullah RM10.00
b) The Behaviour of Income Velocity of Money in Malaysia and its Implications on Monetary Policy / Nasaruddin Arshad, Azmi Setapa and Abdul Rahim Anuar RM10.00
c) Pass-Through of Exchange Rate and the Malaysian Agricultural Exports / Ahmad Zubaidi Baharumshah and Muzafar Shah Habibullah RM10.00
d) Malaysian Forest-Based Industries in the Economic Input-Output Model / Nor’ini Haron RM10.00
e) Corporate Size and Rank Maintenance in the Malaysian Industrial Sector / Omar Marashdeh RM10.00
f) Macroeconomic Model for an Economy with Conventional and Islamic Financial Systems / Muhammad Anwar RM10.00
g) Transmission of Stock Market Fluctuation Between the Malaysian Market and Some Asian-Pacific Markets / Ko Kim Lian and Goh Kim Leng RM10.00
h) Adequacy Measures of Pineapple Production Function on Stabilised Variates / Md Yunus Jaafar, Ahmed Tasir Lope Pihie and Che Jaffar Sulong RM10.00
i) Does Hidden Economy Exist in Malysia? / M G Kanbur, Rahimah Majid and Barudin Muhamad RM10.00
j) The Crowding-out Effects of Government Deficits : Private vs Public Sector Debate / Dr Ataul Huq Pramanik RM10.00
k) Productivity and Efficiency in Malaysian Manufacturing Sector : A Time Series Analysis / Maisom Abdullah, Mohd Ariff Hussein and Nor Aini Amdzah RM10.00
l) The Determinant of Saving Behaviour in Malaysia / Norashikin Abdul Hamid and M G Kanbur RM10.00
m) Foreign Banking Activity in Malaysia : An Empirical Analysis / Khan Masood Ahmad and Saiful Azhar b Rosly RM10.00
n) The Ghost in the Wage Price Block : How Does it Determine Steady State in the MAS Econometric Model / Vicent Low and Jared Enzler RM10.00
o) Retional Expectations, Price Adjustment and Monetary Policy in Malaysia / Muthi Semudram RM10.00
p) Rational Expectations, Money Growth and Output in Malayisa / Mohammed bin Yusoff RM10.00
q) A Vector Autoregression Approach to Modelling the Malaysian / Muthi Semudram, Michael Yap and Azidin Wan Abdul Kadir RM10.00
r) A Bayesian Vector-Autorefression Model for Forecasting Quarterely GDP : The Singapore Experience / Gan Wee Beng and Wong Fot Chyi RM10.00
11 Workshop on Economy and Climate Change in Malaysia 12 July 1993 RM40.00 per set
a) Climate Change in Malaysia: An Overview / Chan Huan Chiang, Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman, Teh Tiong Sa, Voon Phin Leong and Wan Leong Fee RM10.00
b) Response to Climate Change in Malaysia: The Government Perspective / Chow Kok Kee RM10.00
c) Response to Climate Change in Malaysia: The NGO Perspective / Gurmit Singh RM10.00
d) Response to Climate Change in Malaysia: The Industry Perspective / Kok Wee Kiat RM10.00
12 1993 MIER National Outlook Conference 7-8 December 1993 RM110.00 per set
a) World Economic Outlook / Richard Buczynski RM10.00
b) Asian Economic Outlook / J Malcolm Dowling RM10.00
c) National Economic Outlook / MIER Forecasting Group RM10.00
d) Trade Regimes: Policy Options / Mohamed Ariff RM10.00
e) Evaluating the Ringgit Fundamental Equilibrium Exchange Rate / Gan Wee Beng, Muthi Samudram, Michael Yap, Meow Chung and Michael Gong Wee Leong RM10.00
f) Domestic Investment and Foreign Direct Investment: Seeking the Right Balance / Anuwar Ali and Tham Siew Yean RM10.00
g) Infrastructure Development: How to Finance It? / Abu Bakar Karim and Zulkiply Omar RM10.00
h) R&D Financing and Policy Environment for Technology Development / Hamzah Kassim RM10.00
i) Riding on the Turnpike: Is Sustained Rapid Growth Possible / Chan Huan Chiang, Pang Teck Wai, Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman and Chua Chin Pen RM10.00
j) Transfer of Technology Revisited: Evidence from the Electronics and Electrical Sector in Penang / Suresh Narayanan, Lai Yew Wah and Cheah Kooi Guan RM10.00
k) An Appraisal of Corporate Strategy and Technology Policy in Malaysia / N Danaraj RM10.00
13 Second Malaysian Econometric Conference 22-23 June 1994 RM285.00 per set
a) Some Theoretical Perspectives in Modelling the Malaysian Macroeconomy / Masudul Alam Choudury RM10.00
b) The FE-UKM Macroeconometric Model of the Malaysian Economy / Mohammad Alias, Mansor Jusoh, Zainudin Salleh, Mohd, Fauzi Mohd Jani and Abu Hassan Shaari Mohd Nor RM10.00
c) Induced Technological Change and Obsolescence of Malaysian 1978 and 1983 Vintage Techniques: An Input-Output Empirical Analysis / Zakariah Abdul Rashid RM10.00
d) Monetary Model of Exchange Rate Determination: Further Results / Mohammed Yusoff RM10.00
e) A Quantitative Assessment of the Impact of Government Spending in Malaysia / Mariam Abdul Aziz and Mohammad Yusoff RM10.00
f) Explaining the Performance of the Malaysian Exports Using an Error Correction Model / Nasaruddin Arshad, Mah Song Huat and Sarah J Cavanagh RM10.00
g) Comovements of Selected Fiscal Variables and Interest Rates in the United States: The Evidence using Spectral Analysis / Francisco Nadal De Simone RM10.00
h) Exchange Rates Intervention and Sterilisation / Gan Wee Beng and Kwek Kian Teng RM10.00
i) The Sources of Export Competitiveness: The Case of the Malaysian Natural Rubber Estate Sector,1970-1990 / Mohammad Alias and Habibah Suleiman RM10.00
j) Modelling Australian Imports: Johansen Maximum-Likelihood Estimation of Co-intergration Vectors / Jayant Menon RM10.00
k) Measurement of Changes in Trade Patterns of Oils and Fats with the Formation of Single Europe / Mohd Nasir Amiruddin RM10.00
l) Do ASEAN Countries Suffer a Common Business Cycle? / Jose Lelis Tongzon & Rajen Mookerjee RM5.00
m) Concentration of Exports and its Implications for Growth and Stability: An Empirical Analysis / Ataul Haq Pramanik and Zarinah Hamid RM10.00
n) The lmpact of Foreign Capital Inflows on Malaysia's Saving and Income, 1966-1992: An Econometric Study / Yusuf Abdul Rashid RM10.00
o) Econometric Study of Supply and Demand Relationship of Palm Oil Industry in Malaysia / Sharipah Soaad Syed Yahaya, Bidin Yatim and M G Kanbur RM10.00
p) Rational Expectations, Money Growth and Output in Malayisa / Mohammed bin Yusoff RM10.00
q) Censored Regression Estimate of Philippines Food Demand Elasticities: Application to Nutrition Policy Analysis / Aleta C Domdom RM10.00
r) Fiscal Policy and Aggregate Consumption Behaviour: Evidence from Selected ASEAN Economies RM10.00
s) Determination and Mobilisation of Savings in Malaysia: An Econometric Approach / Mahadzir Ismail RM10.00
t) Purchasing Power Parity in South East Asia: A Cointegration Approach / MAhmad Zubaidi Baharumshah RM10.00
u) The Demand for Residential Housing in Malaysia: A VAR Approach / Zulkifli Omar and Azidin Wan Abdul Kadir RM10.00
v) Some Determinants of Economic Linkages in Malaysia / Saiful Azhar Rosly RM10.00
w) Total Factor Productivity Growth in the Singapore Manufacturing Industries: A Stochastic Frontier Production Function Approach / Wong Fot Chyi and Tok Yoke Wang RM10.00
x) Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard Effects in the Malaysian Credit Market: An Empirical Analysis / Omar Marashdeh RM10.00
y) An Econometric Analysis of Flows of Fund in Malaysia / Norashikin Abdul Hamid, Solehah Abdul Hamid and Zalila Othman RM10.00
z) Energy Consumption in Malaysia / Robert N McRae RM10.00
zi) Some Empirical Evidence on Business Cycle in Malaysia / Mansor Jusoh and Wong Hock Tsen RM10.00
zii) Forecasting of Malaysian Share Prices: An Information Theory Approach / Kok Kim Lian RM10.00
ziii) Money Supply Growth and the Informational Efficiency of the Stock Market: The Evidence from KLSE Second Board / Muzafar Shah Habibullah and Ahmad Zubaidi Baharumshah RM10.00
14 1994 MIER National Outlook Conference 6-7 December 1994 RM160.00 per set
a) World Economic Outlook : Asia-Centered Growth to a Balance World-wide Growth / Chikashi Moriguchi RM10.00
b) National Economic Outlook, 1995-1996 / MIER Forecasting Team RM10.00
c) Trends in Trade and Investment: Global Outlook and Implications for ASEAN Countries / Wisarn Pupphavesa and Frank Flatters RM10.00
d) Domestic Investment Initiative: A Strategy for Developing Domestic Capability/ Abdullah Tahir RM10.00
e) Financing Sustained Economic Growth: Future Developments in the Malaysian Capital Market / Zainal Aznam Yusof RM10.00
f) East Asian Trade: Pattern and Prospects / Sulaiman Mahbob and Nasaruddin Arshad RM10.00
g) Long-term Forecast of Malaysian Economy, 1995-2005 / MIER Long-term Forecasting Team RM10.00
h) Fuelling the Malaysian Economy: Pressures on Energy Demand in a High Growth Environment / Chan Huan Chiang, Robert N McRae and Michael Yap Meow Chung RM10.00
i) The Plantations Sector: Structural Issues and Long-term Prospects / Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman RM10.00
j) Malaysia Smallholder Agriculture Strategic Issues and Prospects / Nik Fuad Kamil RM10.00
k) Future Directions of Technology Development and its Challenges for Malaysia / Mohamed Salleh Ismail RM10.00
l) Human Resource Requirements: Are We Equipped to Attain Vision 2020? / Sulaiman Mahbob, Anuwar Ali, Tham Siew Yean and Ng Suew Kiat? RM10.00
m) The Current Economic and Business Environment and Foreign Investment in China / K C Kwok RM10.00
n) Trade and Investment Opportunities in India / S Swaminathan RM10.00
o) Trade and Investment Opportunities in Vietnam / Zulkifli Mohd Ali RM10.00
p) Forecast of Energy Usage in Malaysia / Robert McRae RM10.00
15 Third Malaysian Econometric Conference 14-15 June 1995 RM150.00 per set
a) Indirect Competition Hypothesis: An Application to the Malaysian Freight Transport Sector / Gan Saiu Chiew RM10.00
b) Trade Dependency, Instability and Sustainable Development in Malaysia / Ataul Huq Pramanik and Zarinah Hamid RM10.00
c) The Performance of Highly Protected Industries in Malaysia / Rokiah Alavi RM10.00
d) Testing the Relevance of New Growth Theory for Malaysia: Considerations of Non-Convexities / Larry Wong Chee Yoong and Wong Tat Chuen RM10.00
e) The Technical Efficiency of Sarawak Pepper Farms: An Application of a Ray-Homothetic Production Function / Alias Radam and Mohd Mansor Ismail RM10.00
f) The Efficiency of the Spot Foreign Exchange Market: Evidence from the Malaysian Currency Market / Ahmad Zubaidi Baharumshah and Muzafar Shah Habibullah RM10.00
g) Estimating Consumer Surplus using Parametric and Semi-Parametric Censored Models / Andrew Tan and Teofilo Ozuna RM10.00
h) Causal Relationship between Local and Foreign Tranche Stock Returns in the Malaysian Securities Market / Kok Kim Lian and Goh Kim Leng RM10.00
i) An Analysis of Technical Change, Economies of Scale and Factor Substitution in Singapore's Manufacturing Industries: A Cost Dual Approach / Sam Tang RM10.00
j) Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard Effects in the Malaysian Mortgage Market / Omar Marashdeh RM10.00
k) Total Factor Productivity in the Electrical and Electronics Industry / Maisom Abdullah RM10.00
l) Long-term Relationship and Short-run Dynamics of the Ringgit-US Dollar Exchange Rate / Gan Wee Beng and Kwek Kian Teng RM10.00
m) Conflits Between the Haves and Have-nots in the Rural Economy of Thailand : Empirical Analysis and Policy Options / Chaiwoot Chaipan RM10.00
n) Censored Regression Models of Advertising : An Application to the Indonesian Cigarette Industry / Sukrisno Njoto RM10.00
o) Modelling Money Demand in Open Economy : The Case of Four Asian Countries / Ahmad M. Khalid and Loh Ka Leung RM10.00
16 1995 MIER National Outlook Conference 5-6 December 1995 RM120.00 per set
a) World Economic Outlook, 1995-96 / David J Robinson RM10.00
b) Malaysian Economic Outlook, 1995-96 / Sulaiman Mahbob, Muthi Samudram, Michael Yap Meow Chung, Azidin Wan Abdul Kadir and Bernard Tai Khiun Mien RM10.00
c) Recent Capital Flows to Asia/Pacific Countries / James W Dean RM10.00
d) Capital Flows and Industrialisation / Zeti Akhtar Aziz RM10.00
e) Pressures of High Growth on the Current Account Balance / Chan Huan Chiang and Michael Yap Meow Chung RM10.00
f) Industrial Adjustment and Liberalisation: Some Lessons from International Experience / Frank Flatters and Tim Hazledine RM10.00
g) Technical Manpower for Industrialisation: Orchestrating HRD Through a Micro-level, Cluster-based Strategy / Larry Wong Chee Yoong, Vijayakumari Kanapathy, Patrick Pillai and Karen Neoh RM10.00
h) Science & Technology for Industrialisation / Omar Abdul Rahman RM10.00
i) Core Competence: Lessons from the Electronics Industry / Chan Huan Chiang RM10.00
j) Wood-based Industry / Othman Yeop Abdullah RM10.00
k) The Automotive Component Manufacturing Industry / Mohd Shah Dato' Abu Bakar RM10.00
l) The Oil Palm and Its Products: Competitiveness and Opportunities in the 21st Century / Yusof Basiron and Jalani Sukaimi RM10.00
17 Fourth Malaysian Econometric Conference 9-10 October 1996 RM170.00 per set
a) Inflationary Behaviour in Malaysia: An Empirical Re-evaluation of its Determinants / Mansor Haji Ibrahim RM10.00
b) A Perspective on Inflation in Malaysia / Dawood M Mithani, Lai Tian So and Mohd Azmi Othman RM10.00
c) An Econometric Model of the Malaysian Palm Oil Industry / Ramli Abdullah, Mohammad Haji alias and Mohd Fauzi Mohd Jani RM10.00
d) Efficiency in Forward Foreign Exchange Market: Evidence based on Multivariate Co-integration Analysis / Tan Hui Boon and Ahmad Zubaidi Baharumshah RM10.00
e) Foreign Borrowing Behaviour of Malaysia / M G Kanbur, Nor’aznin Abu Bakar and Yen Siew Hwa RM10.00
f) Hedging with Palm Oil Futures: An Application of the Econometric Price Forecasts for Risk Reductions and Profit Opportunities / Rosalan Ali RM10.00
g) Cost Benefit Analysis of Fertiliser Requirement using a Fertiliser Model / Hasnah Ali and Abdul Rashid Ahmad RM10.00
h) Technical Efficiency of Beekeeping Production in Malaysia: A Comparative Analysis of Parametric and Non-parametric Approach / Alias Radam, Ismail Abdul Latif, Mohd Mansor Ismail and Muzafar Shah Habibullah RM10.00
i) Economic Growth and Cyclical Behaviour in APEC Countries / Rodney Strachan and Sam M Strong RM10.00
j) Best Linear Unbiased Interpolation of Quarterly GDP: The Case of Malaysia / Tilak Abeysinghe and Christopher Lee RM10.00
k) Inter-sectoral Causal Relationship in the Malaysian Stock Market / Kok Kim Lian and Goh Kim Leng RM10.00
l) Linking Factor Markets, Environment and Trade / Jamal Othman RM10.00
m) Capital Mobility, Currency Substitution and Money Demand in Selected Asian Economies / Ahmed M Khalid RM10.00
n) Determinants of Labour supply Decision in the Underground Economy of Malaysia / M G Kanbur and Norzaidahwati Zaidin RM10.00
o) The TEMP Link: Explaining Gender Differences in Earnings and Employment / Selamah Abdullah Yusof RM10.00
p) Higher-order Asymptotic Expansions of the Least-squares Estimation Bias in First-order Dynamic Regression Models / Jan F Kiviet and Garry D A Phillips RM10.00
q) The Intermodal Competition of Road and Rail Freight Transport Services in West Malaysia / Gan Saiu Chiew RM10.00
18 1996 MIER National Outlook Conference 3-4 December 1996 RM140.00 per set
a) World Economic Outlook, 1996-97 / David J Robinson RM10.00
b) Malaysian Economic Outlook, 1997-98 / Sulaiman Mahbob, Muthi Samudram, Michael Yap Meow Chung, Azidin Wan Abdul Kadir and Bernard Tai Khiun Mien RM10.00
c) Enhancing Competitiveness in a Dynamic Global Economy: Moving from Comparative Advantage to Competitive Advantage / Mohd Haflah Piei and Noor Aini Khalifah RM10.00
d) Regionalism, Protectionism and Sustainability of Regional Growth / Frank Flatters RM10.00
e) Asset Market Inflation in Malaysia: Dimensions, Causes and Policy Implications / Gan Wee Beng and Soh Chee Che RM10.00
f) Sustaining Economic Growth: The Role of Capital Market / Nik Ramlah Mahmood RM10.00
g) The Second Industrial Master Plan (IMP2), Cluster-based Approach to Industrial Development: Thrusts and Strategic Directions / Hishamuddin Tun Hussein RM10.00
h) Cluster-based Development: Macroeconomic Framework / Muthi Samudram RM10.00
i) Cluster-based Development: Lessons from Singapore / Linda Low RM10.00
j) Total Factor Productivity as a Source of Economic Growth / Ismail Adam RM10.00
k) Technological Competency of Malaysia: Issues and Prospects / Hamzah Kassim RM10.00
l) Engineering and Machinery Industry: Current Challenges and Prospects / Abdul Ghani Kamaruddin RM10.00
m) Future of Resource-based Industries / Haron Siraj RM10.00
n) Services Industries as Source of Economic Growth / Zaharaton Raja Zainal Abidin RM10.00
19 Conference on Entrepreneurship and Economic Development 6-7 January 1997 RM90.00 per set
a) Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship as Catalyst for Economic Development Developmentand Growth / Mohd Amir Sharifuddin RM10.00
b) Public Programme for Entrepreneurship Development / Khalid Hussein RM10.00
c) Profile, Problems and Prospects: The Malay Perspective / Abdul Rahman Maidin RM10.00
d) Entrepreneurship : Profile, Problems and Prospects : The Indian Perspective / Venkiteswaran Shankar RM10.00
e) Entrepreneurship Development from the Perspective of Indigeneous People / Morni Kambrie RM10.00
f) The Portrait of Rural Entrepreneurship / Nipon Poapongsakorn RM10.00
g) Entrepreneurship under political Transition: The Chinese Experience / Zou Lan RM10.00
h) Vendor Development as Instruments for Entrepreneurship Development / Mohd Shah bin Abu Bakar RM10.00
i) Is Financing an Issue in Entrepreneurship Development / Zainul Bahrin bin Datuk Mohd Zain RM10.00
20 International Conference on ASEAN at the Crossroads: Opportunities and Challenges 25-26 November 1997 RM110.00 per set
a) Enlargement of ASEAN: Prospects for Closer Regional Cooperation / Termsak Chalermpalanupap RM10.00
b) New ASEAN Members and AFTA: The Global Context / Frank Flatters RM10.00
c) Increasing diversity within ASEAN: The Challenge to Regional Cohesiveness / Yusof Hashim RM10.00
d) The ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF): ASEAN Response to Future Regional Security and Political Stability / M Rajaretnam RM10.00
e) The ASEAN Free Trade Area: Progress and Future Challenges / Chee Peng Lim RM10.00
f) The Prospect of ASEAN-10: Implications for AFTA / Juanjai Ajanant RM10.00
g) The Implication of AFTA for the New members (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar) / Mya Than RM10.00
h) Expansion of ASEAN and Implications for Dialogue Partners / K S Nathan RM10.00
i) ASEAN Relationship with Other Regional Economic Groupings / John Lawrence V Avila RM10.00
j) ASEAN and WTO: Rediscovering and Rethinking Relationships / Linda Low RM10.00
k) The Thai Financial and Currency Crises as an Example of ASEAN Experiences / Pairoj Vongvitanond RM10.00
21 1997 MIER National Outlook Conference 2-3 December 1997 RM160.00 per set
a) World Economic Outlook, 1998-99 / Richard J Buczynski RM10.00
b) Asian Economic Outlook, 1998-99 / Lawrence Krause RM10.00
c) Malaysian Economic Outlook, 1998-99 / Mohamed Ariff, Michael Yap Meow Chung, Azidin Wan Abdul Kadir, Elaine Tan Lae-Imm and Ong Gaik Ean RM10.00
d) Financial Sector Liberalization: The Taiwan Experience / Ya-Hwei Yang RM10.00
e) Recent Development in the Thai Financial Sector: Lessons / Bhanupong Nidhiprabha RM10.00
f) Commercial Banking of Malaysia: Performance and Issues / M G Kanbur RM10.00
g) Offshore Financial Centre: The Labuan Experiment / Awang Adek Hussin RM10.00
h) Opening of Malaysia's Financial Sector: Challenges and Opportunities / Abdul Ghafar bin Ismail and Nor Zakiah Ahmad RM10.00
i) Proposals for the Reform of the Malaysian Financial Sector and Financial Markets / R Thillainathan RM10.00
j) Savings in Malaysia and Its Impact on Economic Growth / Azmi Setapa, Solehah Abdul Hamid and Nesathurai Arunagiri RM10.00
k) Loans and Industrialisation in Malaysia / Rajah Rasiah RM10.00
l) Foreign Portfolio Investment and Market Stability / Yeah Kim Leng and Wong Chee Seng RM10.00
m) Long- and Short-term Dynamic Interactions between Major International Stock Markets and the Malaysian Stock Market / Abul M M Masih and Rumi Masih RM10.00
n) Economic Fundamentals and Stock Market Behaviour : An Empirical Study / Mansor Isa and Leong Kai Hin RM10.00
o) Unit Trusts as Mobiliser and Dispenser of Funds : Efficiency and Equity Considerations / Mohd Hilmey Mohd Taib RM10.00
p) Competitiveness of Malaysian Exports / Mohamed Ariff RM10.00
22 Conference on Migrant Workers and the Malaysian Economy 19-20 May 1998 RM80.00 per set
a) Profile of Foreign Migrant Workers in Malaysia: Towards Compiling Reliable Statistics / Azizah Kassim RM10.00
b) The Economic Consequences of Immigration in Malaysia / Zulkifli Osman, Siti Hajar Ismail and Wook Endut RM10.00
c) Intergenerational Impact of Increasing Female Participation in the Labour Force: Impact on the Household Sector, Particularly on Children Development / Solehah Abdul Hamid and Azleeny Ramly RM10.00
d) AFTA and its Implications for Labour Mobility in ASEAN / Rajah Rasiah RM10.00
e) The Political Economy of Intra-ASEAN Labour Movements: An Overview of Issues and Implications / Shamsulbahriah Ku Ahmad RM10.00
f) Migrant Labour: The Singapore Experience / Yap Mui Teng RM10.00
g) Migrant Labour: Lessons from the Canadian Experience / Don DeVoretz RM10.00
h) Japanese Experience in handling Migrant Workers: Lessons for Malaysia / M G Kanbur and Dr Rujhan Mustafa RM10.00
23 Workshop on the Future of Social Security in Malaysia 23-24 June 1998 RM30.00 per set
a) Reforming Social Security: Issues and Alternatives / Robin Boadway, Katharine Cuff and Frank Flatters RM10.00
b) Public Pensions: Lessons from Canada and Other OECD Countries / Bev Dahlby RM10.00
c) Economic Insecurity / Lars Osberg RM10.00
24 Regional Conference on Environmental Management: Policy Options, Region vs. State and Society 20-21 October 1998 RM80.00 per set
a) Transboundary Pollution in South-East Asia: The Role of the State, Regional Cooperation and International Agencies / Sharifah Mastura Syed Abdullah and Sham Sani RM10.00
b) The Environmental Impacts of Economic Cycle / Danilo Israel RM10.00
c) The Role of the Corporate Sector in Environmental Management: An Industry Views / Tan Ging Tuang RM10.00
d) The ASEAN Approach to Regional Environmental Management / Apichai Sunchindah RM10.00
e) APEC Approach/ Ahmad Badri bin Mohamed RM10.00
f) Example of European Cooperation in the Environment / Roland Salchow RM10.00
g) Regional Policy Coordination: Possible Future Directions / Manuel Gaspay RM10.00
25 MIER National Outlook Conference 1-2 December 1998 RM110.00 per set
a) The World Economic Outlook and Implications for Malaysia / Kanitta Meesok RM10.00
b) Economic Developments and Prospects for Developing Countries / Economic & Development Resource Centre (EDRC) Asian Development Bank RM10.00
c) Malaysian Economic Outlook, 1999-2000 / Mohamed Ariff, Michael Yap Meow Chung, Azidin Wan Abdul Kadir, Elaine Tan Lae-Imm and Ong Gaik Ean RM10.00
d) Towards Economic Recovery: The Fiscal Policy Side / Suresh Narayanan RM10.00
e) Mergers and Acquisitions / Abdul Khalid Abdul Aziz RM10.00
f) The Economic Crisis: Impacts on Islamic Banking Operations / Saiful Azhar Rosly RM10.00
g) The Thai Corporate Governance: From Crisis to Recovery / Deunden Nikomborirak RM10.00
h) Industrial Relations / A Navamukundan RM10.00
i) Competition Policy for the Year 2000 / Christopher Maule RM10.00
j) Reforming Financial Sector and Promoting Capital Market Development: With Special Reference to Malaysia / R Thillainathan RM10.00
k) Balanced Growth : The Scope for National Policies in a GlobalEconomy / John F Helliwell RM10.00
26 Regional Conference on Industrial Restructuring in ASEAN 26-27 October 1999 RM100.00 per set
a) ASEAN in the New Millennium: Time for Re-thinking about Regionalism / Dr Chandran Jeshurun RM10.00
b) Economic Dimension / Dr Robert R Teh, Jr. RM10.00
c) Implications for the Extended ASEAN / Dr Leeber Leebouapao RM10.00
d) Regional Crisis and Industrial Restructuring: Country Perspective / Dr Linda Low RM10.00
e) Regional Economic Crisis and Industrial Restructuring: New Member Country Perspective / Professor Myat Thein RM10.00
f) Industrial Restructuring: Malaysia / Dr Zakariah Abdul Rashid RM10.00
g) Industrial Restructuring from Country Perspective : Thailand / Dr Thammavit Terdudomthan RM10.00
h) Indonesian Manufacturing Industry and Trade Policy for Recovery / Dr Anggito Abimanyu RM10.00
i) IT Industry in Singapore: Rational and Strategy for Restructuring / Dr Wang Kangmao and Dr Hu Chun RM10.00
j) RIndustrial Restructuring from Industry Perspective: Textile, Case Study of Thailand / Dr Nattapong Thongpakde RM10.00

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