Conference Papers 2000-2018

27 MIER National Economic Outlook 2000 Conference 18-19 January 2000 RM120.00 per set
a) The World Economic Outlook and Implications for Malaysia / Dr Kanitta Meesook RM10.00
b) Malaysian Economic Outlook / MIER Forecasting Team RM10.00
c) Evaluation of Capital Controls: Financial and Economic Implications / Puan Latifah Merican Cheong RM10.00
d) Debt Restructuring and Recapitalisation: Financial and Economic Implication / YBhg Datuk C Rajandram and Dr Yeah Kim Leng RM10.00
e) Bankruptcy, Corporate Governance and Competition: Some Important Links / Professor Christopher Maule RM10.00
f) Agriculture: Opportunites and Challenges / Professor Dr Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman RM10.00
g) Construction & Property Development / Puan Zaiton Ali and Dr Rujhan Mustafa RM10.00
h) Political Economy and Ethical Dimensions of Economic Recovery / YBhg Datuk Dr Syed Othman Al Habshi RM10.00
i) Proposals for the Reform of the Malaysian Financial Sector and Financial Markets / R Thillainathan RM10.00
j) East Asia and China: Vulnerabilities at the Outset of a New Millennium / Professor James Dean and Kaiser RM10.00
k) Trade Flows: Maintaining Malaysia's Competitiveness / Dr Mahani Zainal Abidin and Ms Loke Yai Heng RM10.00
l) Capital Flows: The Case of Emerging Capital Markets Competitiveness / Dr Abdul Ghafar Ismail and Cik Elzein Abd Alla Yousif RM10.00
28 Regional Conference on Capital Mobility 27-28 June 2000 RM70.00 per set
a) Capital Mobility: An Overview / Professor Heinz W Arndt RM10.00
b) Emerging Markets: Latin America and Asia / Dr Peter Nunnenkamp RM10.00
Short-term Capital Mobility and Financial Infrastructure
c) The Volatility of the Short-term Capital in Malaysia / Dr Azmi Setapa RM10.00
d) Financial Sector Reform and Foreign Exchange Liberalization in Korea / Dr Park Haesik RM10.00
e) Towards a New International Financial Order : Why Reform Progress is so Slow? / Dr Peter Nunnenkamp RM10.00
f) Fund Manager’s Perspective on Capital Flow / Mr Zamzuri Ali RM10.00
g) Recent Developments in Regional Economic Surveillance and Monitoring / Mr Frank Harrigan RM10.00
29 MIER National Economic Outlook 2001 Conference 20-22 November 2000 RM220.00 per set
a) World Economic Outlook: The New Economy and Malaysia / Dr Kanitta Meesook RM10.00
b) Asian Economic Outlook / Mr Ken Davies RM10.00
c) National Economic Outlook / Dr Mohamed Ariff RM10.00
d) Financial Liberalisation and Currency Vulnerability / Dr Obiyathulla Ismath Bacha and Dr Ruzita Md Amin RM10.00
e) Monetary Cooperation in Asia: A Way Forward / Dr Ngiam Kee Jin and Ms Hazel Yuen RM10.00
f) The International Roles of the US Dollar, the Euro and the Japanese Yen in East Asia’s Exchange Rate Arrangements / Dr Masahiro Kawai RM10.00
g) Options for the Ringgit / Dr Mohamed Ariff RM10.00
h) The Knowledge-based Economy: Facts and Theories / Professor Richard Harris RM10.00
i) Small and Medium Industries: A Renewed Source of Growth? / Dr Ragayah Haji Mat Zin RM10.00
j) The Services Sector: Malaysia’s Next Engine of Growth? / Ms Syarisa Yanti Abubakar RM10.00
k) The Role of AFTA: Opportunities & Challenges / Dr Mohd Haflah Piei RM10.00
l) The Competitiveness of Malaysian Exports / Dr Tham Siew Yean RM10.00
m) Managing the Supply of K-Workers: The Role of Higher Learning Institutions / Mr Abdul Rahim Anuar, Dr Ahmad Sobri Jaafar, and Professor Dr Mohammad Haji Alias RM10.00
n) The Operation of the Credit Guarantee Corporation: Its Effectiveness in Backing Growth-Oriented Firms / Dr Mohd Noor Mohd Shariff and Mr Grahame Boocock RM10.00
o) Growth, Inequality, and Poverty Inter-relationships: Kuznets’ Inverted Hypothesis Revisited with Highly Disaggregated Micro Level Data from Malaysia /Professor Dr Ataul Huq Pramanik RM10.00
p) Should Malaysia Banish Heterodox Measures? / Mr Mohamed Aslam RM10.00
q) Banking Crisis in the Emerging Economics: Origin and Policy Option : Malaysian Case / Ms Caroline Geetha RM10.00
r) Recent Financial Crisis in Malaysia: Response, Results, Challenges / Professor Dr Zubair Hasan RM10.00
s) Investigating Sarawak’s Regional Export Market Growths between 1990 and 1997: A Shift-Share Approach / Ms Chiang Lee Huei RM10.00
t) Corporate Governance in the Malaysian Corporate Sector: Its Impact on Ownership Structure, Performance, Financing and Investment Patterns / Dr M Fazilah Abdul Samad RM10.00
u) Foreign Portfolio Investors in KLSE: Are they Market Leaders or Trend Chasers? / Dr Subramaniam S Pillay and Ms Lisa Ngui RM10.00
v) Potential Output and the P-Star Model – Guideposts for Monetary Policy / Mr Michael Yap Meow Chung RM10.00
30 The Seventh SPF Issyk-Kul Forum 18-20 October 2001 RM120.00 per set
a) Central Asia : Development under Conditions of Globalisation / Dr. Stanislav Zhukov RM10.00
b) Globalization and Development in Southeast Asia / Dr. Azmi Setapa, Ms Elayne Yee Siew Lin and Ms Musalmah Johan RM10.00
c) Regional Integration for Growth and Development in ASEAN / Dr. Mohamed Ariff and Mr. Lim Chze Cheen RM10.00
d) Multiethnicity and the Development Process : The Malaysian Story / Professor Dato’ Dr. Shamsul Amri RM10.00
e) Developmental Role of the Government : The Case of Thailand / Dr. Nattapong Thongpakdee RM10.00
f) The Central Asian Nexus : Islam and Politics / Dr. Evgeniy Viktorovich Abdullaev RM10.00
g) Islam and Development Revisited with Evidences form Malaysia / Professor Dr. Ataul Huq Pramanik RM10.00
h) Regional Security in Central Asia : Military Aspects / Dr. Rustam Burnashev RM10.00
i) The Conflict in Afghanistan : Conditions, Problems and Prospects / Dr. Sultan Akimbetov RM10.00
j) Bipolar Pressures : Central Asia between Russia and China / Mr. Konstantin Syroezhkin RM10.00
k) Regime Building for Regional Security : The Case of ASEAN Regional Forum / Dr. Chandran Jeshurun RM10.00
l) Challenges to Economic Policy in Central Asia : Is a Miracle Possible? / Eshref Trushin and Eskender Trushin RM10.00
31 MIER National Economic Outlook 2002 Conference 6-7 November 2001 RM130.00 per set
a) Asian Economic Outlook / Dr. Sailesh K. Jha RM10.00
b) Malaysian Economic Outlook / Dr. Mohamed Ariff RM10.00
c) Can Asia Withstand (Avoid) Another Financial Crisis? / Dr. V. R. Panchamukhi RM10.00
d) Adopting an Appropriate Exchange Rate Regime : Fixed or Floating? / Dr. Ramkishen Rajan RM10.00
e) Malaysia’s Unorthodox Economic Policy : Is it viable in the Long-run? / Mr. Shankaran Nambiar RM10.00
f) Should Capital Flows be Regulated? / Mr. Kevin Chew RM10.00
g) The Asian Monetary Fund : Is East Asia Ready? / Dr. Mohamed Ariff RM10.00
h) China’s Dynamic Economic Growth and Its Implication for ASEAN / Professor John Wong and Ms. Sarah Chan RM10.00
i) Investment : Why is Japan shying away? / Mr. Mitsuhiro Kagami RM10.00
j) Regional Trading Arrangements for Enhancing Economic Resilience : The ASEAN Experience / Dr. Mohd Haflah Piei RM10.00
k) The WTO in theMillennium : What is in Store? / Professor Frank Flatters RM10.00
l) Malaysia’s Manufacturing Sector : Challenges and Risks Ahead / Professor Dr. Mahani Zainal Abidin and Mr. Yusoff Sulong RM10.00
m) Human Resource Development Market : Meeting the Challenges of Future Growth / Professor Dr. Abu Daud Silong RM10.00
n) Automobile Industry : Can Malaysia Compete in AFTA? / Mr. Koo Sian Chu RM10.00
32 Workshop on Restrictive Business Practices and Consumer Rights 8 October 2002 RM30.00 per set
a) Restrictive Business practices : Theory and Practice / Dr. Mohd Haflah Piei RM10.00
b) Competition Law in Indonesia : Applying Indonesian Experience to the Development of Competition Law in Malaysia / Dr. Syamsul Maarif RM10.00
c) Market Dominance : How to Prevent Adverse Effects on the Economy by Means of Abuse Control and Merger Control / Mr. Frank-D Reh RM10.00
33 Conference on Poverty Alleviation and Social Stability 22 - 23 October 2002 RM90.00 per set
a) Poverty Concept and Measurement : Case of Malaysia / Alihan bin Haji Abdul Hamid RM10.00
b) Poverty in Malaysia : An Empirical Review / Professor Dr. Ataul Huq Pramanik RM10.00
c) Linking Globalisation and Poverty : The Social Impact of the Asian Crisis on Malaysia / Syarisa Yanti Abubakar RM10.00
d) Globalisation : Help or Hindrance to Poverty Allevition? / Dr. Sulochana Nair RM10.00
e) Inter-and Intra-ethnic Income Distribution in Malaysia / Dr. Ali Hamsa RM10.00
f) The Rural-urban Drift / Encik Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid RM10.00
g) Poverty and Income Inwquality : Lessons from the Fishing Communities / Professor Dr. Jahara Yahya and Mr. Tey Nai Peng RM10.00
h) Farming : Padi / Rosmah Binti Haji Jentra RM10.00
i) Rubber Smallholdings / Tuan Haji Baharuddin bin Awang and Tuan Haji Zulkifli Mohd Nazim RM10.00
34 The Eighth SPF Issyk-Kul Forum 31 October - 2 November 2002 RM70.00 per set
a) Agriculture Sector in Azerbaijan : Terms, Problems and Prospects / Ingilab Akhmedov RM10.00
b) Lesson from “Rethinking the Development Paradigm” Project / Ng Chee Yuen RM10.00
c) Corporate Restructuring and the Future of Korea’s Chaebol* / Kap-Young Jeong and Ku Hyun Jung RM10.00
d) Competitiveness of the economy of Kazakhstan / Aigul Kosherbayeva RM10.00
e) Financial Sector Reform in Uzbekistan : Beyond the Currency Exchange Liberalisation / Eshref Trushin RM10.00
f) Economic Forecasting Models : Malaysia / Azmi Setapa and Azidin Wan Abdul Kadir RM10.00
g) The Asian Financial Crisis and the Road to Recovery / Yoichi Nakamura RM10.00
35 MIER National Economic Outlook 2003 Conference 17 - 18 December 2002 RM140.00 per set
a) Competitiveness of Industries in East Asia : Position of Malaysia / Daisuke Hiratsuka RM10.00
b) Malaysian Economic Outlook / Dr. Mohamed Ariff RM10.00
c) The Services Sector as an Engine of Growth : Niches for Malaysia / Professor Sieh Mei Ling RM10.00
d) Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) : Moving to the Centre Stage? / Mr. Mangsor Saad RM10.00
e) Total Factor Productivity and Economic Growth / Ir. Mah Lok Abdullah RM10.00
f) Should Capital Flows be Regulated? / Mr. Kevin Chew RM10.00
g) The Fear of Floating : A Case of the Ringgit Malaysia Against the US Dollar? / Dr. Kwek Kian Teng RM10.00
h) Enhancing Labour Competitiveness : Policy Issues and Challenges / Mr. Kevin Chew RM10.00
i) The Effect of Debt Restructuring on the Malaysian Companies' Performances / Ms. Sariati Azman and Dr. Unvar Rahman Muthalib RM10.00
j) Bank Mergers and Financial Sector Stability in Malaysia / Dr. Azmi Setapa and Ms. Elayne Yee Siew Lin RM10.00
k) Construction Industry and Property Overhang in Malaysia / Ms. Elayne Yee Siew Lin and Mr. Azidin Wan Abdul Kadir RM10.00
l) Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) : Near-term Prospects and Medium-term Scenarios Asia : Position of Malaysia / Professor Dr. Zakariah Abd. Rashid and Dr. Zulkornain Yusop RM10.00
m) AFTA Challenges for Protected Industries / Dr. Mohd Halflah Piei RM10.00
n) Gearing for the Doha Round : Opportunities and Risk / Mr. T. Rajamoorthy RM10.00
36 Regimes and Surveillance in East Asia Conference 27-28 March 2003 RM80.00 per set
a) The Political Economy of Financial Cooperation and Integration / Dr. Hadi Soesastro RM10.00
b) What Should be Weight on the Three Major Currencies for a Common Currency Basket in East Asia? / Professor Eiji Ogawa RM10.00
c) The East Asian Dollar Standard, Fear of Floating and Original Sin / Professor Ronald McKinnon RM10.00
d) European Experience with a Regional Central Bank / Professor David Vines RM10.00
e) An East Asian Central Bank? / Dr. Miranda Geoltom RM10.00
f) Japan : Dealing with Deflation, Debt Overhang and NPLs / Mr. Haruhiko Kuroda RM10.00
g) “Dollarization” or “Yuanization” : Sustainability of Currency Board in Hong Kong / Ding Jianping RM10.00
h) Identities Found in Uniqueness : Two Financial Centers in China / Ding Jianping RM10.00
37 UNDP ATI/UM/MIER Conference on Investment, Energy and Environmental Services at Cancun : Promoting Human Development in WTO Negotiations 7-8 August 2003 RM260.00 per set
a) Investment and Trade : How Should Malaysia Prepare for the Cancun Meeting / Rajah Rasiah RM10.00
b) Investment, Trade and Competition Policies : Interface with National Policy Objectives / Paul Seng-Kuan Low RM10.00
c) Foreign Investment Policy and Human Development Country Study : Republic of Korea / Jang-Sup Shin and Ha-Joon Chang RM10.00
d) Trade in Energy Services Country Case Study : Philippines / Romeo Pacudan RM10.00
e) Trade in Energy Services Country Case Study : India / K. Dharmarajan RM10.00
f) Road to Concun / Bhagirath Lal Das RM10.00
g) Trade, Economic Growth and Human Development : A Primer RM10.00
h) Managing "Request-Offer" Negotiations under the GATS : The Case of Energy services_ RM10.00
i) Progress Report on the WTO Services Negotiations (2002) RM10.00
j) UNDP Asia Trade Initiative RM10.00
k) An Assessment of the Development Dimension of the Doha Work Programme and Negotiations / Manican Supperamaniam RM10.00
l) Environmental Services and Human Development : The need for a Strategic Approach to GATS Negotiations / Manesh Sugathan RM10.00
m) Promoting Human Development form the Perspective of Health andEducation in WTO Negotiations / Dr. Sharifah Hapsah Shahabudin RM10.00
n) Promoting Human Development in WTO Negotiations / Haron Siraj RM10.00
o) Promoting Human Development in Trade Negotiations / Dr. Sharifah Hapsah Shahabudin RM10.00
p) WTO Negotiations under the GATS for Construction and Engineering Services Sector / Lau Mun Cheong RM10.00
q) The Doha Development Agenda : Preparing for Cancun / Meenakshi Raman RM10.00
r) The Doha Development Agenda : Preparing for Cancun / Mahani Zainal Abidin RM10.00
s) Preparing for GATS in Cancun after Doha : Investment and Competition Issues for Human Development in Asia / Sieh Lee Mei Ling RM10.00
t) Trade in Environmental Services and Human Development Country Case Study : China and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region / Peter Hills RM10.00
u) Human Development Implications of trade in Energy Services : Technical Support Document / K.V. Ramani RM10.00
v) Doha Work Programme : An Overview / Manican Suppermaniam RM10.00
w) Position on the New Issues / Martin Khor RM10.00
x) The WTO "Singapore Issues" : A Development Perspective / Martin Khor RM10.00
y) Investment policy and Human Development Country Study : China / Institute of International Economics Nankai University RM10.00
z) Trade in Environmental Services and Human Development Country Case Study : Thailand / Sitanon Jesdapipat RM10.00
38 MIER National Economic Outlook 2004 Conference 9-10 December 2003 RM100.00 per set
a) Asian Economic Outlook (2004-2005) and Emerging Issues / Dr. Ifzal Ali RM10.00
b) Malaysian Economic Outlook / Malaysian Institute of Economic Research (MIER) RM10.00
c) The Market for Financial Derivatives : Removing the impediments to Growth / Dr. Obiyathulla Ismath Bacha & Encik omar Malek Ali Merican RM10.00
d) Regional Stock Market : Will the Asian Markets Relive the Glory Days? / Mr. Chan Kok Peng RM10.00
e) Can Malaysia Regain investors' Confidence in the Stock Market? / Mr. Manu Bhaskaran RM10.00
f) Stock Market Reforms : Meeting the Challenges of the Growing Internationalisation of Equity Markets / En. Yusli Mohamed Yusoff & Cik Eliyati Hazrin Sidek RM10.00
g) Islamic Banking : Can Malaysia be a Global Player? / Dr. Saiful Azhar Rosly RM10.00
h) Unit Trust : Prospects and Challenges / Mr. Yeoh Keat Seng RM10.00
i) Employees Provident Fund (EPF) : Should it Continue to be Actively Involved in the Stock Market? / Mr. P. Gunasegaram RM10.00
j) Venture Capital : Too Small and Too Risk Averse to Matter? / Ms. Chok Kwee Bee RM10.00
39 MIER National Economic Outlook 2005 Conference 7-8 December 2004 RM100.00 per set
a) Pollicies for Growth in Southeast Asia / Dr. Peter McCawley RM10.00
b) Structural Changes of Japanese Economy & its for Malaysia : The Space of Industry in East Asia / Mr. Daisuke Hiratsuka RM10.00
c) The Rise of China & Implications for Southeast Asia / Dr. Yao Zhizhong RM10.00
d) The Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) : A Note on the Progress &Prognosis of a Policy Driven ICT Cluster / Dr. Avvari V. Mohan RM10.00
e) Re-shaping the Industrial Sector / Professor Dr. Tham Siew Yean RM10.00
f) Re-engineering the Servicec Sector / Professor Dr. Morshidi bin Sirat RM10.00
g) Revitalising the Agriculture Sector / Porf. Dr. Fatimah Mohd Arshad, Prof. Dr. Mad Nasir Shamsudin & Dr. Mohd Shahwahid Haji Othman RM10.00
h) Education & Manpower Requirements / Dr. Haji Mohamed Thalha bin Haji Alithamby RM10.00
i) Human Resource Development : Mismatch & Shortage of Skilled Workers / Dr. Ishak Yussof RM10.00
j) Malaysian Economic Outlook 2005-2006 / Prof. Emeritus Dr. Mohamed Ariff RM10.00
40 Seminar on Entrepreneurship Development in Malaysia 14-15 December 2004 RM100.00 per set
a) Entrepreneurship and Economic Development / Dr. Azmi Setapa RM20.00
b) Educating Young Entrepreneurs / Dr. Wilson Tay RM20.00
c) Building an Effective Entrepreneurial Support Ecosystem in Malaysia : The Cradle Story / Encik Nazrin Hassan RM20.00
d) Entrepreneurship Barriers for Disadvantaged Women / Ms Chong Shean Ching RM20.00
e) Social Entrepreneurship : Combining a Social Mission with Entrepeneurship / Mr Premesh Chandran RM20.00
41 Symposium on Globalisation and the Emerging Economies 27 June 2005 RM80.00 per set
a) Islamic Banking : Doing Things Right and Doing Right Things / Saiful Azhar Rosly RM20.00
b) Asian Values and Western Finance : The Future of Capital Flows / P. Nicholas Snowden RM20.00
c) Exchange Rate Management : The Malaysian Experience / Mohamed Ariff RM20.00
d) Diaspora and Development / V.N. Balasubramanyam RM20.00
42 National Seminar on Poverty Eradication Through Empowerment 23 August 2005 RM100.00 per set
a) Concepts and Measurements of Poverty / Ragayah Haji Mat Zin RM20.00
b) Eradication of Rural Poverty in Malaysia : Progress and Problems / Chamhuri Siwar RM20.00
c) The Role of a Financial Non-Government Organisation Poverty Reduction : Lessons from the Experience of Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia in Providing Micro-finance Service to the Rural Poor / Sukor Kasim RM20.00
d) Causes and Consequences of Poverty in Malaysia / Sulochana Nair RM20.00
e) Urban Poverty in Malaysia : Profile and Prognosis / Sivananthan Balan RM20.00
43 MIER National Economic Outlook 2006 Conference 6-7 December 2005 RM220.00 per set
a) Malaysian Economic Outlook / Emeritus Professor Dr. Mohamed Ariff RM20.00
b) The Mother Goose Role of Japan in East Asia / Daisuke Hiratsuka RM20.00
c) Productivity and Competitiveness of Malaysia's Manufacturing Industries / Professor Dr. Rugayah Mohamed RM20.00
d) The Competitiveness of Malaysian Exports / Professor Dr. Mohammed bin Yusoff RM20.00
e) Manufacturing-related Services : Mapping the Landscape / Dr. Sieh Lee Mei Ling RM20.00
f) Re-inventing the Agriculture Sector : Moving up the Value Chain? / En. Azizi Meor Ngah RM20.00
g) SMEs : A New Engine of Growth? / YBng. Datuk Mustafa Mansur RM20.00
h) Technological Intensities and Economic Performance : A Comparison of Foreign and Local Electronics Manufacturing Firms in Malaysia / Professor Dr. Rajah Rasiah RM20.00
i) Boosting Competitiveness Through Reverse Investments / Dr. Chan Huan Chiang RM20.00
j) Competitiveness of Korean Industries : A Managerial Strategic Perspective / Professor Kee-Young Kim RM20.00
k) India’s Software Success / Pulapre Balakrishnan RM20.00
44 MIER National Economic Outlook 2007 Conference 5-6 December 2006 RM240.00 per set
a) World Economic Outlook / Dr. Lee Chee Sung RM20.00
b) Malaysian Economic Outlook / Emeritus Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ariff RM20.00
c) The Ninth Malaysia Plan, 2006-2010 / Ms. Yap Siew Hong RM20.00
d) Third Industrial Master Plan, 2006-2020 / YBhg Datuk Dr Zainal Aznam Yusof RM20.00
e) The Role of the Financial Sector in Economic Development: The Malaysia Case / Prof. Dr. Mansor Ibrahim RM20.00
f) ICT Clusters / Dr. Haji Mohamed Thalha RM20.00
g) Re-inventing the Agricultural Sector / Prof. Dr Pazim Othman RM20.00
h) Manufacturing-related Services / Prof. Dr. Morshidi bin Sirat RM20.00
i) GLC Reforms / Mr Gan Kim Khoon RM20.00
j) Revamping the Malaysian Education System / YBhg Prof. Tan Sri Datuk Dr Anuwar Ali RM20.00
k) Consumer Rights in Islamic Banking / Prof. Dr Saiful Azhar Rosly RM20.00
l) Outward Investment by India : Policies, Trends and Issues / Dr Tarun Das RM20.00
45 MIER National Economic Outlook 2008 Conference 27-28 November 2007 RM220.00 per set
a) Macroeconomic Management Amid Ethnic Diversity : Fifty Years of Malaysian Experience / Dr. Jayant Menon RM20.00
b) Natural Resource Management / Dr. Rozali bin Mohamed Ali RM20.00
c) Wage structures & Social Safety Net in Malaysia / Syed Shahir bin Syed Mohamud RM20.00
d) Multilateral and Preferential Free Trade Agreements / Datuk M. Supperamaniam RM20.00
e) Wealth Distribution in Malaysia : Through the Lens of the Corporate Equity Controversy / Dr. Lim Teck Ghee and Dr. Edmund Terence Gomez RM20.00
f) Institutional Arrangements and Governance in the Private Sector / Goh Ching Yin RM20.00
g) Malaysian Economic Outlook 2008-2009 / MIER RM20.00
h) Institutional Arrangements and governance in the Malaysian Public Sector / Datin Aminah bte Pit Abdul Rahman RM20.00
i) National Competitiveness : Auto Industry at a Crossroad / Dr. Akifumi Kuchiki RM20.00
j) 50 Years of sovereign economic development : Half Way Across the River / Dr. Wolfgang Kasper RM20.00
k) Population growth and Distribution : Impact on Regional Development / Dr. Chan Huan Chiang RM20.00
46 MIER National Economic Outlook Conference 2009-2010 2-3 December 2008 RM180.00 per set
a) Malaysian Economic Outlook 2009-2010 / YBhg Prof. Emeritus Datuk Dr Mohamed Ariff RM20.00
b) Is the Malaysian Manufacturing Sector Facing Premature Deindustrialization? / Prof. Dr Rajah Rasiah RM20.00
c) The Services Sector : Malaysia’s Next Engine of Growth / Prof. Dr Sieh-Lee Mei Ling and Ms Tricia Yeoh RM20.00
d) The Performance in Recent Years, The Challenges Ahead and the Prospects for the Construction Sector for 2009 and Beyond, into 2010 / YBhg Dato’ Haji Mohd Iqbal bin Kuppa Pitchai Rawther RM20.00
e) Malaysian Agriculture Outlook : New Challenges / Prof. Dr Fatimah Mohamed Arshad and Prof. Dr Mad Nasir Shamsudin RM20.00
f) The Challenges of Fiscal Management / Prof. Suresh Narayanan RM20.00
g) Exchange Rate Management in Uncertain Times / Dr. Sukhdave Singh RM20.00
h) Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) / Mr Chang Ngee Hui RM20.00
i) The Role of Islamic Banking in Economic Growth and Development – Shariah Compliant Parameters / Prof. Dr. Saiful Azhar Rosly RM20.00
47 MIER National Economic Outlook Conference 2010-2011 1-2 December 2009 RM80.00 per set
a) Malaysian Economic Outlook 2009-2010 / YBhg Prof. Emeritus Datuk Dr Mohamed Ariff RM20.00
b) Export of Goods and Services : Is Malaysia Too Trade Dependent? / Dr Zulkornain Yusop RM20.00
c) Pump Priming / Steven C.M. Wong RM20.00
d) Malaysian Exchange Rate Management / Manu Bhaskaran RM20.00
48 MIER National Economic Outlook Conference 2011-2012 30 November - 1 December 2010 RM80.00 per set
a) Malaysian Economic Outlook 2011-2012 / Dr. Zakariah Abdul Rashid (MIER) RM20.00
b) Inclusiveness : A Fairer Way to Share the Economic Pie? / Prof. Dr. Ragayah Hj Mat Zain RM20.00
c) Global Developments and Outlook / International Monetary Fund RM20.00
d) Towards Developed Country Status : Unraveling the Gordian Knot of Inflated Subsidies, Faltering Revenues and Persistent Budget Deficits in Malaysia / Prof. Dr Suresh Narayann RM20.00
49 MIER National Economic Outlook Conference 2012-2013 22-23 November 2011 RM160.00 per set
a) Malaysian Economic Outlook 2012-2013 / Dr. Zakariah Abdul Rashid (MIER) RM20.00
b) Price and Inflation in Malaysia / Dr Yeah Kim Leng RM20.00
c) Minimum Wage Policy with Special Reference to Malaysia / Dr Zulkifly Osman, Dr Zakariah Abdul Rashid and Dr Khalid Abdul Hamid RM20.00
d) Macroeconomics and Structural Adjustment / Dr Hj Ahmad Fauzi B. Hj Puasa, Dr Zakariah Abdul Rashid and Raja Zarina Bt Raja Mohammad RM20.00
e) Unleashing Productivity-Led Growth Towards High Income Economy / Abdul Latif Haji Abu Seman RM20.00
f) Education and Human Capital / Prof. Dato’ Dr. Hussein Haji Ahmad RM20.00
g) Trade Strategies for Malaysia under Increasing Uncertainty / Prof. Dr Tham Siew Yean RM20.00
h) Top Heavy : A Study on Wealth Distribution in Malaysia / Dr Muhammed Abdul Khalid RM20.00
50 MIER National Economic Outlook Conference 2013-2014 4-5 December 2012 RM100.00 per set
a) Malaysian Economic Outlook 2013-2014 / MIER RM20.00
b) Domestic Demand-Driven Growth / Dr Yeah Kim Leng RM20.00
c) Key Medium-term Structural Policy Challenges for Malaysia and Southeast Asia / DDr Kensuke Tanaka RM20.00
d) Financing Higher Education Institutions / Dr Haim Hilman Abdullah RM20.00
e) Moderns Jobs / Dr Frederico Gil Sander RM20.00
51 MIER National Economic Outlook Conference 2014-2015 26-27 November 2013 RM120.00 per set
a) Malysian Economic Outlook 2014-2015 / MIER RM20.00
b) How Do We Benefit From Connectivity Enhancement? / Ikumo Isono RM20.00
c) Labour Markets and Value Creation in Malaysia : A Current Evaluation and Exploration of Reforms / Lee Hwok Aun RM20.00
d) Spatial Aspects of the Global Value Chain : Implications for Malaysia / Satoru Kumagai RM20.00
e) Value Creation and Trade Enhancement in Malaysia / Rokiah Alavi RM20.00
f) Policies to Boost Domestic Capabilities / Frederico Gil Sander RM20.00
52 MIER National Economic Outlook Conference 2015-2016 2-3 December 2014 RM160.00 per set
a) Malaysian Economic Outlook 2015-2016 / MIER RM20.00
b) Trade & Integration / Satoru Kumagai RM20.00
c) From Spaghetti Bowl to Jigsaw Puzzle? The Rise of the Mega-Regionals and Fragmentation of the World Trade System / Jayant Menon RM20.00
d) Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership : Stategies for A Market Driven Facilitating Regional Intiatives / Titik Anas and Dionisius Narjoko RM20.00
e) A Geostrategic View on the Future Scenario of ASEAN / Azmi Hassan RM20.00
f) World Economic Outlook / Odd Per Brekk RM20.00
g) Post 2020 Malaysia Economic Structure and Policy Implications to Resource Allocation and Development / Dr Khalid Bin Abdul Hamid RM20.00
h) From Geo-Politics to Geo-Economics : The Challenges for Malaysia as Chairman of ASEAN 2015 and in Dealing with the AEC, RCEP and TPP / Tan Sri Rastam Mohd Isa, Dr Juita Mohamad and Firdaos Rosli RM20.00
53 MIER National Economic Outlook Conference 2016-2017 24-25 November 2015 RM160.00 per set
a) Malaysian Economic Outlook 2016-2017 / MIER RM20.00
b) World Economic Outlook / Odd Per Brekk RM20.00
c) The TPP Unveiled / Jayant Menon RM20.00
d) The Changing Patterns of Malaysia’s Household Consumption Expenditure / Mohd Uzir bin Mahidin RM20.00
e) Foreign Workers and Social Inclusion / Azizah Kassim RM20.00
f) Making Housing Affordable / Suraya Binti Ismail RM20.00
g) The Paradox of Relative Poverty, Vulnerabulity and High Household Income / Chamhuri Siwar and Mohammed Ebrahim RM20.00
h) Peranan Bahasa Dalam Pembinaan Insan dan Pembangunan Negara / Datuk Dr Awang bin Sariyan RM20.00
54 MIER National Economic Outlook Conference 2017-2018 6 – 7 December 2016 RM120.00 per set
a) Malaysian Economic Outlook 2017-2018 / MIER RM20.00
b) Environment, Green Economy and Sustainable Development / Prof. Emeritus Dato’ Dr Ibrahim Komo and Mohammad Imam Hasan Reza RM20.00
c) Green Economy Initiatives Through Innocative Natural and Environmental Resource Management / Prof. Dr Mohd Shahwahid Haji Othmann RM20.00
d) Social Institutions and Economic Development / Michael Woolcock RM20.00
e) Social Dimensions and Development : Time to Measure What Matters for Malaysia / Prof. Emeritus Dato’ Dr Sulaiman Md Yassin RM20.00
f) Manpower Forecasting of the Manufacturing Sector in Malaysia / Noorasiah Sulaiman and Nur Ain Shahrier RM20.00
55 MIER National Economic Outlook Conference 2018-2019 21-22 November 2017 RM260.00 per set
a) Malaysian Economic Outlook 2018-2019 / MIER RM20.00
b) Technology : A Disruption to Sustainable Growth? / Herizal Hazri RM20.00
c) An Uneven Future? An Exploration of the Future of Work in Malaysia / Allen Ng RM20.00
d) Key Issues Relating to Recent Labor Market Development Malaysia / Hazrul Izuan Shahiri RM20.00
e) Closing the Productivity-Wage Gap / Khalid Abdul Hamid RM20.00
f) Informality and Informal Employment / Siti Asiah Ahamd RM20.00
g) Minimum Wages Policy : A Game Changer for Malaysia / T. Shanmugam RM20.00
h) Volatility Spillovers Between Inflation, Output Growth and Foreign Policy Uncertainty : The Malaysian Perspective / Ahmad Zubaidi Baharumshah and Said Zamin Shah RM20.00
i) World Economic Outlook / Chikahisa Sumi RM20.00
j) Economic Outlook for Developing Asia / Joseph Ernest Zveglich RM20.00
k) National Employment Returns (NER) / Zuraini Binti Abu Kassim RM20.00
l) The Implications of Investments and Products from the People’s Republic of China on the Malaysian Labour Market / Wan Saiful Wan Jan RM20.00
m) Regional Disparity : Imbalances in Development in Malaysia / Ahmad Fauzi Puasa RM20.00
56 MIER National Economic Outlook Conference 2019-2020 27-28 November 2018 RM200.00 per set
a) World Economic Outlook and the Asia Pacific Region / Chikahasa Sumi RM20.00
b) Impact of Innovation on Economic Growth : Evidence from Malaysia / Dr Law Siong Hook RM20.00
c) The Impact of Competition Policy and Enforcement on the Economy / Prof. Dr Saadiah Mohamad RM20.00
d) Asian Development Outlook 2018 / Dr Valerie Mercer-Blackman RM20.00
e) Premature Deindustrialization / Dr Zulkiply Omar RM20.00
f) Industrial Structure and Malaysia Manufacturing Industry / Muhammad Ridhuan Bos Abdullah RM20.00
g) Malaysia’s Industrialization : Strategies to Stimulate Innovation Synergies / Prof. Dr Rajah Rasiah RM20.00
h) GLCs, GLICs and Market Efficiency / Ali Salman RM20.00
i) On Digital Technologies and Transformation – Ramblings of a Technophobe / Dr Farid Mohamed Sani RM20.00
j) Malaysian Economic Outlook 2018-2019 / MIER RM20.00

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