Discussion Papers

1 Data Sources and Adjustments Accompanying the ELSA Malaysia Mode M Sahathavan and Hideki Imaoka August 1986 RM10.00
2 Data Considerations in Econometric Modelling: Some Views on the Malaysian Situation Mahani Zainal Abidin and Shyamala Nagaraj August 1986 RM10.00
3 Data Requirements and Problems: With Specific Reference to Dynamic Input-output Model Building in Malaysia Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman August 1986 RM10.00
4 Money Influence on Malaysian Economic Activities:Evidence from a Single Equation Approache Randall C Merris and Zeti Akhtar Aziz July 1986 RM10.00
5 The Challenge of Economic Revival in Malaysia: Entrepreneurship and Third-factor Growth Wolfgang Kasper July 1987 RM10.00
6 Industrialisation and its Impact on Labour Migration Mei Ling Young September 1987 RM10.00
7 Transnational Capital and Local Conjuncture: The Semiconductor Industry in Penang, Malaysia Kamal Salih, Mei Ling Young and Rajah Rasiah September 1987 RM10.00
8 ASEAN Economic Relations with Japan Kamal Salih October 1987 RM10.00
9 Malaysia's Trade in Services: Some Policy Issues and Options Kamal Salih November 1987 RM10.00
10 Malaysia's Trade-related Investment Regulations and Performance Requirements on Investment Mohd Haflah Piei November 1987 RM10.00
11 Agropolitan Approach in Regional Development Planning: A Retrospective After Ten Years Mei Ling Young February 1988 RM10.00
12 Malaysia and the Uruguay Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations Mohd Haflah Piei and Kamal Salih March 1988 RM10.00
13 Evaluation of Regional Development Experience in Malaysia Kamal Salih and Mei Ling Young April 1988 RM10.00
14 Structural Adjustment, Employment Policy And Unemployment in Malaysia Kamal Salih, Mei Ling Young and Tan Hui Gek May 1988 RM10.00
15 A Tax Reform Package for Malaysia MIER Tax Reform Group September 1988 RM10.00
16 Stock Returns, Inflation, Money and Economic Activity in a Developing Economy Gan Wee Beng September 1988 RM10.00
17 A Flow of Funds Approach to Financial Analysis in Malaysia Ho Ting Seng September 1988 RM10.00
18 Promoting Resource-basedIndustrialisation:Corporate Some Policy Implications Kamal Salih October 1988 RM10.00
19 Agricultural Development in Malaysia: Cultural Issues and Prospects Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman October 1988 RM10.00
20 Domestic Barter and Income Terms of Trade in Malaysia, 1972-1987 Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman November 1988 RM10.00
21 The New Economic Policy After 1990 Kamal Salih December 1988 RM10.00
22 Development-Revisionist Ideas, Heresies and Heretics Zainal Aznam Yusof December 1988 RM10.00
23 Breeding Entrepreneurs and Enterprise Through the New Economic Policy: A Review Zainal Aznam Yusof March 1989 RM10.00
24 Fiscally-induced Investment Distortions in Malaysia: The Direct Tax System Robin Boadway, Dale Chua and Frank Flatters August 1989 RM10.00
25 Evaluation of Malaysia Corporate Investment Incentives Barjoyai Bardai August 1989 RM10.00
26 Macroeconomic Policies and Technological Change Zainal Aznam Yusof May 1989 RM10.00
27 The Malaysian Economy in the 1990s: Alternative Scenarios Kamal Salih August 1989 RM10.00
28 Testing International Parity Conditions for a Small Open Developing Economy: The Case of Malaysia Gan Wee Beng September 1989 RM10.00
29 On the Deviations from Purchasing Power Parity: The Case of the Ringgit Effective Exchange Rate Gan Wee Beng October 1989 RM10.00
30 The Future of Economic Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region: The View from an ASEAN Perspective Kamal Salih November 1989 RM10.00
31 Towards Regional Development Policy Reform: Some Issues for the 1990s Kamal Salih November 1989 RM10.00
32 Non-farm Employment in Malaysia: Situation and Prospects Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman March 1990 RM10.00
33 The Financial Industry of Malaysia: Towards a New Era of Technological Change Ho Ting Seng September 1990 RM10.00
34 Annual Econometric Model of the Malaysian Economy Muthi Samudram, Gan Wee Beng and Kevin Chew September 1990 RM10.00
35 Energy for Sustainable Development: The Case of Malaysia Kamal Salih and Chua Chin Pen September 1990 RM10.00
36 Agricultural Taxation In Malaysia: An Overview Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman April 1991 RM10.00
37 Impact of Pricing, Taxation and Trade Policies on Malaysian Agriculture Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman April 1991 RM10.00
38 Tax-induced Investment Distortions in Malaysia:Hidden Costs of the Indirect Tax System Robin Boadway, Dale Chua and Frank Flatters September 1991 RM10.00
39 Macroeconomic Policies and Poverty in Agriculture: A Perspective Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman October 1991 RM10.00
40 The Future of Malaysia-Japan Economic Cooperation Kamal Salih, Mei Ling Young and Wong Hin Wei October 1991 RM10.00
41 A Competition Policy for Malaysia? Tim Hazledine November 1992 RM10.00
42 Economic Growth and Education Reform: Some Fundamental Issues of Education Policy Kamal Salih September 1992 RM10.00
43 Balancing the Roles of the Public and Private Sectors in Education Training Mei Ling Young and Ng Suew Kiat December 1992 RM10.00
44 Managing Innovation in World Trade and Global Competition Kamal Salih and N Danaraj December 1992 RM10.00
45 Chinese Economic Cooperation with South East Asia Sulaiman Mahbob September 1994 RM10.00
46 Investigating the Dynamics of Inflation in Malaysia – A Vector Autoregression Approach Michael Yap Meow Chung September 1994 RM10.00
47 Structural Adjustments and Economic Growth in Malaysia, 1985-93 Sulaiman Mahbob October 1994 RM10.00
48 Inflationary Pressures in Malaysia: The Present Situation and Areas of Concern Sulaiman Mahbob and Michael Yap Meow Chung December 1994 RM10.00
49 Asia-Pacific Trade Interdependence:Outlook for Malaysia Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman, Pang Teck Wai and Maritah Masran January 1995 RM10.00
50 Downstream Activity in ASEAN:Malaysia / Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman January 1995 RM10.00
51 Industrial Clustering: Source of Future Economic Growth Mahani Zainal Abidin February 1995 RM10.00
52 Value-added Taxes and Inflation: International Lessons for Malaysia Peter G C Townley and MIER November 1994 RM10.00
53 Reform of Indirect Taxes in Malaysia:Policy and Design Issues Peter G C Townley and Nasaruddin Arshad November 1994 RM10.00
54 Value-added Taxation: Preferential Treatment of Goods and Services by Zero-rating and Exemption Peter G C Townley and MIER February 1995 RM10.00
55 Some Socio-economic and Organisational Consideration for Public Health Policy Norlaili Abdul Aziz and Sulaiman Mahbob February 1995 RM10.00
56 Malaysia: Industrial Restructuring and Growth Prospects Michael Yap Meow Chung December 1995 RM10.00

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