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CEO Condifence Index

Vistage MiER

Surveying CEOs, Executives of small to mid-sized businesses since 2003

Vistage Malaysia is a licensee of Vistage International, USA, the world’s most trusted resource for CEOs, business owners and key executives of small and medium-sized businesses to help them become better leaders, make better decisions and deliver better results, providing unparalleled access to issue resolution and better performance through monthly peer advisory group meetings, one-on-one business coaching, expert speaker presentations, and extensive online connectivity spread over 29 partner locations across 27 countries with more than 29,000 members worldwide. Vistage Malaysia has more than 1,200 members with combined annual revenue of RM80 billion and employing over 130,000 employees. Vistage member companies grow, on average, 2.2 times faster than they did prior to joining Vistage. In 4Q2005, Vistage Malaysia entered into a strategic alliance with the Malaysian Institute of Economic Research (MIER) to co-brand the CEO Confidence Index. MIER is an independent, private, non-profit organization, devoted to economic, financial, and business research that would serve as a think-tank for the government and private sector by providing an objective and impartial understanding of socioeconomic issues of national, regional and global importance.