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Webinar on “Revisiting Public Sector Reform in Malaysia”

By March 8, 2022November 7th, 2023No Comments

Dear Tan Sri/Datuk/Dato’/Prof./Dr/Mr/Ms,

Greetings from MIER.

You are cordially invited to join our Webinar titled


Public sector reform is driven by fiscal and economic crises, domestic pressures and the influence of international financial institutions. The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the need for reform in the public sector, which is expected to play an integral role as we recover from this pandemic’s pervasive impacts. Sound financial management, efficient civil service and administrative policy, a fair collection of taxes, and transparent operations that are relatively free of corruption contribute to the excellent delivery of public services. What then are the new plans and strategies that should be in place that will reinvigorate the reform agenda and enable the public service to be more responsive to the future needs of our rakyat and to be resilient to any similar economic shocks of this nature? What new areas and mechanisms should we explore to embed further reforms that will enhance the cost-effectiveness of public services? Should there be greater use of opportunities presented through intelligent automation, digitisation, innovation, and the implementation of new ways of working and service design? How do we increase the efficiency of state delivery of public goods? Come join us and hear from our distinguished panel of experts on this subject.

Event details are as follows:
Date: 17 March 2022 (Thursday)
Time: 11.00 am – 12.00 pm
Platform: Zoom Webinar

The Summary Report of our Webinar titled “Revisiting Public Sector Reform in Malaysia” is now available.

Revisiting Public Sector Reform in Malaysia